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Gabon, a coastal African country located on the equator and 80% covered in rain forests, is highly informed by water. However, the country suffers from a general disregard of water as an important recourse. With no real country-wide sewer system, 67% of Gabonese lack modern sanitation facilities and 12% lack access to clean drinking water. Gabon needs a new direction for how it manages water infrastructure. This system should not merely be a continuation of the standard western model of isolated infrastructure; it has the opportunity to become visibly integrated into people’s daily urban and ecological lives.



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RAW was given the privilege to work with the Wichita-famous Espresso To Go Go.  These coffee magicians had previously worked out of a beautiful streamline trailer but were looking to move into a small, stationary space under the Zelman lofts.  At one point, we had almost convinced them to fabricate a replica streamline interior into their new, rough space.  However in the end we worked with them to design a clean, simple space centered around a long bar and highlighted by a 4ft diameter disco ball.



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RAW recently submitted an entry to Europan 12’s Groningen competition site.  This project, completed in collaboration with Kevin Hutchinson (Canada), Max Fabris (Brazil), and Chris Zammit (Malta), was selected by the jury to advance to the second stage of the competition and ultimately placed in the top 7 of 31 projects. Results can be viewed at:


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As a part of the Belgorod City Centre International Competition, RAW partnered with Kevin Hutchinson to create its entry, Belgorod Block: podium & stamp urbanism.


The competition brief was for a plot of land in Belgorod, Russia approximately 300m x 200m.  The city of Belgorod experienced a large amount of destruction during World War II and thus a construction boom of large scale soviet building projects in the 50’s and 60’s.  However, in the 90’s a new policy was put into place encouraging suburban residential development.  This project proved to be very successful.  Now, however, the city is running out of space on its edges and wants to direct development back into the city center.  This competition is challenging designers to visualize what the next urban step could be for Belgorod.

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Lux Preview Part III

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In this third installment of the Lux Animation Series, we introduce the Efficiency Unit. See more about this apartment type at:

Marketing by Lifeboat Creative.  Architecture by El Dorado Inc.  Animation by [RAW] design.

THE RENFRO is done!

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Recently we were able to travel back to Wichita and check out the final construction of The Renfro apartments.

The Renfro offers 5 work-live units with a 14′ high work space on the first floor and a second floor living space connected by a spiral staircase. 

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Over the last few years RAW has had the privilege to work with Hospitals of Hope on their Clinic in a Can (CIC) program {}.


We help them design and visualize health clinics made from recycled shipping containers.  They then send these units throughout the world to needy or disaster stricken areas.  Over the past years we have helped create a multitude of designs and options for clients in different locations looking for a customized solution for their healthcare needs.

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In 2011, RAW received a commission to renovate the 1920’s Renfro Hotel Building, just two buildings down from our previous Zelman Building renovation. Since the mid 1980’s, the building had been used as low income housing and had deteriorated to a run down state. RAW, along with Cathcart Architects, were tasked with giving the building a face lift.

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Lux Preview Part II

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Check out our new animation of the two bedroom unit at the Lux,


More information about this new mixed-use renovation project, designed with El Dorado Inc. is coming soon.  Or check out


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The Binckhorst is an industrial area near the city center of The Hague in great need of urban regeneration. The first step was a 6 week mapping project, investigating the historical developments, existing economy and infrastructure, and internal social networks of the area. This information is presented and shared through an open source, online database platform called The Machine ( After this in-depth analysis of the area, a proposal for a small scale, strategic intervention was developed in response to the research.

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Lux Preview Part I

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Meet the new one bedroom unit at the Lux,

More information about this new mixed-use renovation project, designed with El Dorado Inc. is coming soon.  Or check out



RAW in the news

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Rebekah’s Hybrid Vertical Farm Project in Amsterdam (see below) was highlighted in the March issue of B NIEUWS, het periodiek van de faculteit bouwkunde (the periodical of the Faculty of Architecture).  Click HERE to read the complete publication.


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With 20% of Amsterdam’s office space lying vacant and undesired, this project explores the potential of adaptive reuse in a site called the Parool Triangle. It is an urban site along the Wibautstraat that gets its unusual triangular shape from an old railway junction and it’s name from the previous use as a newspaper headquarters. This design proposes to brand the site “GREEN”, giving it a new and unique identity, including the reuse of the 13-story Parool Tower as a hybrid vertical farm and hotel.

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on the drawing board

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Another renovation project is now moving into construction documentation stage.  Here, the original two story building is gaining a third story addition and subterranean patio spaces. More information on this project to come soon.

RAW in the news

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RAW was recently included in a Wichita Eagle newspaper article about the redevelopment of downtown Wichita, Kansas by Michael Ramsey and Robert Eyster.  Check it out here:


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Recently RAW was hired to help The ELWA Ministries Association (EMA) visualize the future development on their 137 acre property. This ministry, Eternal Love Winning Africa, located outside of Monrovia, Liberia, comprises ELWA Radio, ELWA Hospital, ELWA Services, and ELWA Academy.

Tracing its roots back to 1952, EMA has persevered in this poverty stricken and war torn country even after being forced to abandon their campus in 1991 and again in 1997 because of civil war. However, this ministry is now growing, thriving, and looking towards the future.

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RAW in the news

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Rebekah (the R of RAW) was recently interviewed in the TU Delta Newspaper about her newest adventure in graduate school at TU Delft.  Read the article here:

RAW moves International Headquarters to Holland

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For at least the next two years RAW will be conducting business from the Netherlands.


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Over the past few months RAW has been working to reintroduce the historic Zelman building back to the city of Wichita.  This great downtown building, located on the corner of Douglas Avenue and St. Franscis Street, was originally constructed in 1903 as a bank.  In 1920 it changed owners and became the Sam Zelman Clothing Store.  This store continued selling clothing until its close in 2006.

The first level will be a combination of three tenant-finish retail spaces, and the second level will be turned into six studios and three one bedroom apartments.

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CLINIC IN A CAN animations

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RAW has been fortunate enough to work with Hospitals of Hope, a christian medical missions organization, on their Clinic In A Can program.  We consult on design decisions for these self contained medical clinics built from recycled shipping containers as well as create animations and renderings to help show the customization possibilities of the units.

This is a energetic, innovative, and passionate organization that we are excited to continue working with in the future to further perfect their product and bring much need medical facilities to under served areas of the globe.  For more information, visit their website at

on the drawing board

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RAW is working with a local developer to renovate an existing commercial building into apartments.  One “Tetris” solution would utilize unused roof space to create a third level to this two story building.  Arranging units in a Tetris like formation would allow for one and two bedroom units that would each either have a private roof top patio or subterranean courtyard.  More on this project to come.

RAW moves to Kansas City (temporarily)

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For the last two weeks, RAW had the privilege to collaborate with El Dorado Inc. at their office in the Crossroads of Kansas City.  We had a great time, learned a lot, and got a good start on the schematic design for a fantastic building.  Thanks to the great people at Eldo for their hospitality!

For a profile of this award winning firm, visit their website at

RAW in the news

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RAW’s plan for a mixed use development for Downtown Wichita (see below post) was recently highlighted in the Wichita Business Journal:

To read the article go to:


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MIXED USE RIVER DEVELOPMENT_ wichita, ks_ call for ideas

RAW was invited by the city of Wichita to submit “expressions of interest” for one of eight different catalyst sites in the Downtown Wichita Development Plan.  Below is our schematic submission

[nggallery id=7]


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COLLEGE HOUSING COMPLEX_ mcpherson, ks_ schematic design

Click above image to view animation

RAW Design was commissioned to design a student housing complex for McPherson College. The site was a block on the outer edge of the campus. We took the possible building area, separated it into four blocks to accommodate for parking and permeability. Looking at the European perimeter block as a precedent, we inserted courtyards for light and nature. The blocks were then sliced to allow for circulation and views.

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CONCRETE OFFICE BUILDING_ mcpherson, ks_ schematic design

RAW recently completed a schematic design for a concrete silo company looking to build a new office that would showcase their product.

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RAW Loft

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RAW LOFT_wichita, ks_ furniture design

Welcome to RAW’s batcave, 375 sq ft for living, office, and entertaining.


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RAW in AR34

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RAW was recently included in the current issue of AR34, the publication for AIA Kansas.  Click here to view → . This issue celebrated the idea of the PARTI,

With all the constraints found in the real world, such as budgets, codes and schedules, it can be refreshing to take a step back, remember those simple lessons learned years ago, and view projects at their core, at their very beginning.

Our entry was for the schematic design of a college multi-unit housing project.  More information about that project will come soon…

Want a tour of LINKHAUS?

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Take a 360° tour of Linkhaus brought to you by


RAW is a Monster!

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RAW recently participated in the 2010 Monsters of Design Competition put on by the Young Architects Forum of AIA Kansas City. According to the competition’s call for entries,

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TRANSIT HUB_ charleston, sc_ competition entry

Architecture for Humanity: Charleston developed a competition to design a new transit hub for the downtown area. Our proposal allows this transit hub to function as a trailhead for the Museum Mile, emphasizing connectivity, achieved through sustainability, and embracing community.

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Wichita, KS_ Built project

Within one month of graduation, we (Adam and Rebekah Wagoner) received this commission and formed our own design firm.  The two of us were the main designers and were responsible for carrying the whole project from schematic through construction.  In addition to the building we were involved with the development of the brand, Linkhaus, through furniture, graphics, signage, and marketing.


This project is a new restaurant concept for Wichita. A gourmet hot dog place that seats 120, about 3500 square feet, includes a bar area and a drive thru, and creates a flexible space that can adapt throughout the day to the needs of its varied clientele.

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URBAN JUNGLEGYM_ detoit, mi_ competition entry

This project was created for the rouse[D] competition/exhibition.  The challenge was create a project that could “rouse the city of Detroit and encourage an evolution of our understanding of its unique urban environment.”  It could be at any scale and could be for any site in Detroit.  This is what we proposed:

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BERLIN, GERMANY _ 5th year student project

The re-offering of this sacred land back to Berlin plus the idea of gathering, produced a green site with a lifted plane that creates a space for gathering.

The Berlin Wall consisted of two separate walls which created a no mans land in between, spanning up to 100 meters. The Bornholmer Strasse rail station existed in this “death strip” and thus was shut down, becoming one of Berlin’s ghost stations. However, the bridge spanning the tracks remained open, becoming one of the border crossing stations. When thousands gathered on the night of November 9, 1989, it was this border crossing that first opened its gates, marking the beginning of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, this significant location is an overgrown parking lot, marked with a single plaque.

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GREENSBURG, KS _ 5th year student project

(text by Gary J. Coates)
On May 4, 2007 an EF5 tornado, nearly two miles wide, with winds of up to 205 miles per hour, cut a swath through Greensburg, KS, leveling 95% of the town’s buildings and leaving many more uninhabitable. About fourteen hundred people were left homeless. Miraculously only twelve people were killed by this catastrophic tornado.

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MONUMENT TO THE SANDHOGS_Larry Bowne Architects_5th year

renderings by Adam Wagoner

text and sketches by Larry Bowne


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FIRESTATION_manhattan,ks_4th year student project

This was a forth year project completed at Kansas State University under Christopher Spaw.  The purpose of this semester was to take a project from Schematic Design to Design Development, and then complete a simple set of Construction Documents.

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MARTIAL ARTS _seattle, wa. _3rd year student project

This third year project, completed under direction of Professor Larry Bowne, was submitted to the AIA Kansas Annual Awards and received the Student Honor Award, placing first out of all years from Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.

[nggallery id=4]

Set in the International District of Seattle, WA, this building was designed around the concept of contrary forces bound together by a unifying element.

Site: the ocean and mountains bound by Seattle

Program: mind and body bound by Martial Arts

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MEDIATHEQUE_kansas city, mo_3rd year student project

This was a project completed at Kansas State University 3rd year under Professor Vladimir Krstic.  It was submitted into the AIAS/KAWNEER 2008 STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION entitled Library for the 21st Century and received an honorable mention, placing 4th out of 441 entries.

“… the decisive mutations of objects and of the environment in the modern era – have come from an irreversible tendency towards three things: an ever greater formal and operational abstraction of elements and functions and their homogenization: the displacement of bodily movements and efforts into electric or electronic commands, and the miniaturization, in time and space, of processes whose real scene (though it is no longer a scene) is that of infinitesimal memory and the screen with which they are equipped.”

-Jean Baudrillard

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Winery_Konza Prairie, KS_ 3rd year

This was a project completed at Kansas State University 3rd year under Professor Vladimir Krstic.  It was part of the class wide Bowman Competition and recieved a Merit Award.

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DES MOINES, IA _ 3rd year student project

The existing 10 story federal building requires a new entrance space to consolidate the two existing approaches: the main street entry to the south and a 2nd story skywalk on the West side. The space must also provide an information booth, security area, public café, and eating area. Two important mandates that strongly informed the design development are :

(1) a sense of security

(2) transparency / welcome

This “new skin” formed into a massive, undulating wall stretching the entire length of the existing building. This wall creates a safe interstice space, between the protection of the wall and the existing structure. While the sense of welcome is maintained through the materiality of the wall. As a double skin glass façade, the wall offers varying degrees of transparency which creates important interior and exterior connections, speaks honestly of the interior functions, and creates an inviting atmosphere.

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SCARPA STAIR STUDY _ Castelvecchio Museum _ Verona, Itlay [an exercise in stippling]

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Below are pages from sketch books keep during a semester of studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy.

[nggallery id=5]

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